Be The Least Motivated

Be The Least Motivated

Hi Everyone,

One thing i recommend when dealing with a seller is to be the least motivated. Base your decisions on the numbers and not on emotions.

If a seller, realtor or broker says there is another offer coming in so you need to make an offer quick:

They may be lying to you as fear of loss is one technique to get someone to do something. If you think this is the case say ok if the other offer is not accepted call me and then i will decide if i want to make an offer (unless you know you can steal the property in which case you might want to make the offer asap even if there was not another offer coming in).

i have had sellers call me back weeks, months and even years later when they could not sell their house and motivation to sell consumed their whole being.

And that's what you want - a seller more motivated to sell than you are to buy. That is when you get your best deals.

michael e. v. knight


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