Creating a 24 hour script for assignment of contracts (question)

Creating a 24 hour script for assignment of contracts (question)

I have a question I am trying to do assignment of contracts. But I'm stuck because I don't know who to advertise to first. Buyers or sellers. Also I don't know what I should put inside my 24 hour calling script for either party. I also don't know how what I should put inside my advertising ads inside my local news paper.

So before I go and waste money advertising the wrong way does anyone have any suggestions on...

1. A 24 hour script for buyers and sellers dealing with assignment of contracts.

2. advertising in news papers/online ads for a potential buyers who wouldn't mind doing assignment of contracts.



Create a script for both and have 2 different call in numbers. If I was a seller I wouldn't want to hear why you want a discount on my home then have to listen to you telling investors how you can give them a great deal on properties. Then that is just me. LOL!




i also have a similar

i also have a similar question i have a recorded message geared towards pre-foreclosure sellers and so far i havent had much success so i wanted to add messages geared towards fsbo's and homes that have been on the market for 90 days plus, i got the script from the book on profit from real estate right now for the pre foreclosure i just twicked it a bit, but i have no idea how to creat one for the fsbos and homes on the market 90 days plus little help here thanks