Offers Subject To Inspections!!!

Offers Subject To Inspections!!!

All my offers on houses are subject to an inspection by a professional Home Inspector. I'll say it again. ALL my offers. Why? Two reasons.

First, even though I'm a pretty handy guy and I've bought and sold a lot of houses, I'm no expert in structures or engineering- not even close. My Home Inspector is. There are a lot of things that could be wrong with any home I purchase, no matter how good it looks or how new it is. Nasty things like cracks where there should be no cracks, leaks or water damage in spots that should be dry, heating systems that throw only cold air, and... well, you get the idea. My inspector, expert that he is, knows how to find these things, and his job is to tell me about them.

Second, because I make so many offers, I just don't have time to inspect a home like I should. Putting a home inspection clause in my offers is like my safety valve. I don't have to worry because my inspector will do what I don't have time to do. As we already discussed, he's much better qualified anyway.


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