4 SOLDS Closed in 1 Week!

4 SOLDS Closed in 1 Week!

Hi everyone- I just thought I would jump on the site real quick. I had 4 flips close this week which is a new record for me. The profit from those 4 flips was MASSIVE! It is fun to cash big checks. I was able to write a 5 figure check to charity this week and plan 2 awesome vacations in July. For Fathers Day, I was able to take over the mortgage payments for my Dad. He always told me to never buy a house because you will never live long enough to pay it off. Well I just proved him wrong. He has lived long enough to never pay a mortgage payment again! YEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!! I still pinch myself everyday because there is nothing better than real life. Define your lifestyle, learn from someone that has the success you want, and get it done!

Have a great day and SMILE!


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Great Job Matt

So glad to see you are still helping other people. To me that is what this is all about and I personally think that is what makes you such a good mentor. Its not all about the $ sign, But that is still a good motivated. Looking forward to seeing you again. And Julie says HI.





That is so great to hear. 4 flips in 1 week is crazy, and it's wonderful to hear you were able to give to charity and help your dad out.



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Hi Matt, That's awesome !!

Hi Matt,

That's awesome !! That is sooo wonderful to know. You've been a model & leader to all of us, wish we could do the same .



how awesome! shows what each one of us can move toward. congratulations on all your success and thanks for thinking of others too.


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Fear equals:

That is great to hear Matt.

That is great to hear Matt. It must be a great feeling to be able to do that for your Father.
Giving to charity is a very nice thing to do.I wish you many more deals in the near future.

go get em!


Go Matt

You are definitely blessed. Your father raised a smart boy! I know he must be very proud of you. You are right when you say follow the people that you want to learn from. Watch, listen and learn from what they are doing! Then take action...

Continued Success!




Congratulations, Matt! Your story is very inspirational! In fact, I just started rereading PFRERN so that I could trace your steps! It even related to my husband because he used to work for his family business in a machine shop and knew it was taking him nowhere real quick. Now he's excited about real estate too making calls on his lunch break and every spare minute we get. You are really changing some lives around here!!



"If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" Romans 8:31 NLT


Wow that so great to hear,"Four flips",,lol Wow,

two words

totally awsome that many in one week is amazing congratulations.



You are truly amazing. Living the dream. Congratulations


Cathy B

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Thanks Matt

Thanks for jumping back on the site to give us all a kick in the pants and to share our wisdom.

Continued Success

That is so wonderful Matt!

You have been an amazing inspiration! What an accomplishment! This gives us all the hope and knowledge that we can do it too!

THIS is what its all about! Success is yours!


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Thanks Matt

Reading your story keeps a lot of us motivated and we celebrate with you. Don't you love surprising people with gifts? like donna47 said your father raised a smart boy!


Wow Matt! I truly appreciate your hard work and example for the rest of us.


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Thats what I need! Love to see progress

I have the tools and will one day join you, so that I also can show the love.
As soon as I get my feet wet with the first deal.

4 closes in a week

Congratulations! Amazing job. Thanks for sharing. Question: Were all of these deals "no money down"? Can you share a little about how you did it? Thanks.



CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so happy for you! You have been an inspiration for everyone. It's great to hear how you are giving back to community. Keep up the GREAT work that you are doing. Best of Luck!


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deals closed

Hey Matt,

Those 4 deals closed, were they wholesale deals? Also did u find them on the mls through your realtor? For some reason some investors I speak to don't want deals off the mls. Do not really understand why? Considering that's where most of the deals seem to be right now, which are the reo's. Just really wondering if that 25:1 system actually works as described in Dean's book?


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Thanks for sharing! I'm reading one of Dean's books now and I love reading your stories!

Four deals closed

Congratulations!!!! Can you please share how you did it? Thanks.

Go Matt!!!

I should be surprised but nothing Matt does anymore surprises me. I know this post is older but I am still so proud of you Matt! You ar truly amazing!





CONGRATS !! AWESOME. YOU ARE TRULY an inspiring individual !! it shows us that it can be done !! keep up your amazing deal making and i can FEEL the excitement of your generousity !! what an amazing feeling it must be to give a gift to your dad of that stature!! i am sure he is beyond pround of you!!!
great job matt and i look forward to meeting you and talking about success again.


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Hey Matt

Great job on the flips man, truly outstanding. I have come to expect nothing less of you. OUTSTANDING AGAIN...Jan

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