Get in the Action!

Get in the Action!

Recently I have been travelling all over the country doing real estate training in different cities. The interesting thing is, that the clients we visit are having success very quickly after our visits. The main reason is that we spend our time actually taking action and getting into the market place.

It's amazing how just talking to a few agents, and looking at a few houses can get the ball rolling so quickly. It's amazing how talking to a sales manager at Lowe's home improvement store provides us with multiple buyers, because the manager also is the president of the local investment group.

It's all a function of taking action. It is easy for anyone to say to themselves, "I don't know enough." or "I don't have enough information yet.". The reality is, we never know everything, and we will always be learning during this process. The key point is, we will be learning much more quickly if we take some action and get in the game.

Talk to an agent. Don't worry about a script, or formula, or method. Introduce yourself, let them know you want to invest, and ask if they have resources that can help you achieve that goal. You will run into frustration, and failure, but you will be learning. And every now and then, you will find an agent that has multiple resources that can help you invest. They may have deal, other investors, money, contractors, buyers, or anything else you might need. And when you have those resources through the agent, call more people and get more resources. There's no reason to stop. The more tools and resources we have access to, the more deals we can put together.

So the key is to take action. Don't be bashful. Don't worry about failure. Don't feel like you need to know more. Just do it. Get involved, ask questions, and have fun with the process. Because in all reality, when the deals happen because of your action, that's when things get really fun.


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