DG Most Respected in RE

DG Most Respected in RE

I was reading these post on another site, which they where talking about the best RE systems, books etc. It was clear to me that Dean's book and how he treats his customers was best. And everyone there loved Dean's system.

On the other hand everyone hated or dislike Carlton Sheets & Armando Montelongo... I wonder why lol...

I found Carlton Sheets system to be out dated.

Armando Montelongo's book was a bunch of bull. If you haven't read it's not worth your time. He book was like, he wouldn't get to the point or he wouldn't go into more details about what he was trying to tell you.
His customer service reps never answer there calls.

Dean's book has really change the way I looked at RE, no longer looking at RE as a way to get rich in one day. But seeing the bigger picture.

Much respect to Dean and DG Family...


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