Unsure of this

Unsure of this

Thanks for welcoming me on board..
I've looked over the site and googled Dean several different ways but I still find it hard to believe I can read a book and become wealthy..I just lost my job and will soon lose my house if I don't win my appeal with unemployment so I can afford to send 20 bucks of what left of my $263.00 in my bank.,. Yes I agree it can be done but a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush and hard facts are very hard to find on the internet. I don't have no collage education but I can do math and wonder if Dean didn't make his first bit of money selling books. I'm still a skeptic. Poof is a cold hard fact. So is selling a book for 19.95 to 5000 people making $99750 dollars and spending a couple to publish and print it. That’s still a lot of money to someone who’s never made over $32000. I've listen to a few of his recorded calls and still I do math.. $599 for program so and so and here's another mill to boot. I challenge Dean to make me a believer in today’s economy to make me a believer and show me it can be done. I do find his site out of all the other book publishers to apear more turthful but I keep seeing the send money for this adds as well. Money I'm about to not have and will have to go live with my mom as my house will be one up for grabs by those who know how. Dean if you or your staff want something to Air to the world as a bird in the hand ver two in the bush. then leave this post here and let the worl follow you making me a believer.



If anyone thinks they can spend $ 20 for a book & become a millionaire,
well I(along with Dean)will be the 1st to tell you this IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. The techniques & tools that are in the books/courses work, if you apply them with hard work.
Jill & I were in Dean's last book,(Profit,Your Town) & even on TV commercials because we made over $ 500,000 in net profit buying & selling properties. As Dean said himself while he was at our home, some people expect
to open the book & have one hundred dollar bills fall out...that's just not the case.
There are many, many people in the same situation as yourself, that have found that it is not only possible, but are making money wholesaling real estate with no money & no credit !
Jill & I don't work for Dean, & have never gotten paid for anything we participated in; & I don't want you to think Dean's some kind of saint ... he is a real estate investor that decided to share techniques that have worked for him & others; he has taken that information & turned it into a business, & like any other business, the objective is to make money for the company & its employees.
Take the information with a positive attitude, be creative & you too can being posting your real estate deals on this website. Gary/Jill

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