Murphys Law on Tenants

Murphys Law on Tenants

Thought you all might enjoy reading this.......

Murphys Law 1

Your best tenant will get a job transfer during the worstrental market of the decade

Murphys Law 2

When a tenant attempts to fix the leaky faucet himself, expect to not only replace the faucet but the entire plumbing system too.

Murphys Law 3

When a tenant’s heater breaks down in winter, or theair conditioning in summer, it’s always the most expensivepart that will need to be replaced.

Murphys Law 4

When the tenant from across town needs something to be repaired quickly, the hardware store will close five minutes before you get there.

Murphys Law 5

A tenant’s uncanny ability to see dirt and damage will be much greater when they move in than when they move out.

Murphys Law 6

The working components of a rental home (heating, cooling,electrical, plumbing,dishwasher, garbage disposal, doorbell and refrigerator) will break down 90% faster on the rental than the working components of your own home.

Murphys Law 7

When a tenant calls and says “Hi, how’s it going?” you know that something is drastically wrong.

Murphys Law 8

When a tenant claims to “love gardening” it means that they are fond of gardens found in books, movies and maybe the Sahara desert but not your particular rental property.

Murphys Law 9

The sweet little girl with the baby you rented your house to will always have an abusive boyfriend, and their loud,passionate lovemaking at night, nasty quarrels and scream fests will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Murphys Law 10

Proper disposal of two quarts of bacon grease for a tenant is always down the kitchen sink.




This is funny

This shows a great example that one must do their background checks on possible tenants. Just simply inviting a tenant to fill out a rental application will not be enough. Understand who you are dealing with on a deeper level.


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