Hijacking Forum Threads

Hijacking Forum Threads

Now, I know this has been talked about before and it's even talked about IN some of the "hijacked threads" but I still thought I'd post this and see if MAYBE we can't get some folks to understand what the deal is.


A forum "thread" (discussion) get "hijacked" when someone decides to take it in a different direction than where the original poster intended. For example, the original poster may be asking a specific question about a particular contract, etc. and then someone - along the way - will "hijack" that thread by asking a question that pertains to THEIR OWN question instead.

Please don't do this!

Start your own "thread" and ask your question - but don't hijack someone else's thread.

And, too - you know this is coming, right? - READ before you ask.

READ the book(s).

READ the discussions that are already posted.

READ within the particular thread itself and, many times, you'll find the answer already waiting for you.

Anyway - thought I'd just throw this out there with the many others that have likely done it before.

Make it an AWESOME day, friends!



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Very well put.





So True ...

post replies

What is typically the best way to respond to someone elses post so it will be seen underneath it like a reply? Do we use "send PM" . . . "reply" or "write to author"? What is the difference between all of these? I also think justplain-e used my words to say what I would have about this site. Well said. Great site . . .but no tutorial on how to use it or what to do with it.


Roland Ochoa


you hit quote, it says what they said above your answer.