Where should I start?

Where should I start?

Hi my name is Kevin and I just bought the "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits!" which also came with "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!". I finished reading "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!" and I am about a third of the way trough reading "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits!". I can't wait to get started with real estate but want to wait until I've finished both books.

I am 22 years old and am going to a community college in Southern California and hope to transfer to University of North Dakota.

Since I plan to move in the not to distant future I can't decide if I should start applying Dean's strategies where I currently live, where I plan to go to college, or where I plan to move to once I am finish with college (maybe Minneapolis, MN or Chicago, IL).
Or should I just keep moving my operations along with me to wherever I move?


start wherever you are physically located

If your working with a small budget i suggest the first thing you do is get business cards made. Then go register a small dba with your local county. Then after that start working on building your power team (realtor, brokers, appraisers, rehab personnel for estimates, title company that handles assignments). You can start networking right away at some of your local real estate investor groups in your area. Just google it (rei clubs) and attend, once there you can possibly find some or most of your power team. Pass out your card and get as many business cards from other investors as possible. Because those will be your potential buyers if your bring them sweet deals.

Hope that helps!

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