Has anyone done any probates in california(san diego)

Has anyone done any probates in california(san diego)

My husband I and our partner are looking to do probates we went to the court house to get information they were not very helpful they told us we needed to go to the probate court. They told us that we wouldn't be able to look up probates at the court house. They said we can go to the probate court and see if they will give you a list of what was filed but they might not give it to us. Has anyone been down to the downtown san diego court house and have gotten a list of probates. Please let us know your experience.


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I have never but...

I have never done probates in California but you may find that if you get connections to retirement communities, probate lawyers, and other businesses that deal in help or workings with those that pass can give you a leg up in California. If you can get to the personal representative before they decide to choose the path of involvement for the courts you will have a much easier time finishing a purchasing a probate.


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Probates In California Are A Whole Different Animal

In a nutshell, California is pretty distinctive among the probate systems in the USA. It is the only place that utilizes state-appointed "probate referees" ... whose job it is to evaluate estates for CA probate courts. It's often a controversial process under scrutiny, but it's the law there.

I'm sure you can find more information than this tidbit I've shared at any public library (or the internet) if you choose to research it further --- but that's the gist of it.

No place will it be more involved and complex than California.

One solution and simplification, perhaps, is to find INVESTORS in California who are open to great deals on probate properties outside of California. This is not far-fetched. Think about it.

I know someone that has done

I know someone that has done probate in CA and may be willing to work with you... Also, I have buyers in San Diego if you have any deals that you need to close.... Smiling




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