i am a first timer

i am a first timer

hello my name is simomne mimbs and i finally got the newest book so i will start from today aug.4,2010 and see where it goes i am very scared but i will not tell my husband that, i am going to eliminate my fears by moving forward, i like gregs story so i am going to start there and see how it works out for me. i hope i make friends alot, i have five children and i have been through alot with nothing to loose


Welcome to the DG family

Welcome to the DG family Simone. That's the right attitude to have to eliminate your fears and that's to keep moving forward, taking action and don't let nothing stop you from achieving your REI goal. It's just like anything else when you're starting something new, you're a little nervous, full of fear until after awhile it comes like second nature to you. Just do a little REI everyday and in no time you'll eliminate all fear. Good Luck and happy investing.



"A Winner Never Quit And A Quitter Never Win!"

i am back!!!!

i just read about two women who bought in detroit well that was smart and i think i will try that as well i mean i do not have alot but i do have about 1500 a month to spare as of now, those two women really give me courage, and i am really happy that dean being wealthy and all took the time to help people like me, i mean i do not need a hand out just a hand up... thanks for listening,, i am a author right now also with four books out but i really want to do this business and see what deans advice can do for me, i have nothing to loose

thank you

thank you for the advice, i am off to build my buyers list and to finish the new book!

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