Today I called a client that needed some extra help. He was a licensed Realtor in Colorado and was having trouble succeeding with our program. I asked him how long he has been a Realtor and he said 10 to 12 years. It would seem to me that if that had been me I would actually know how long I had been working as a Realtor.

Second, I asked how much he made in his best year? He said $100,000. I then asked him what he averaged during his 10 or 12 years as a Realtor and he said $70,000 per year, and he was quick to say that the good ole days are gone.

I asked him what he did to earn that $70,000 per year and he said he mostly answered the phone when buyers and sellers called in. I said it sounded like he was on the gravy train. That was then and this is now. Now, he is struggling and not making ends meet.

I recounted my interaction with a realtor in St. George that was making a killing and he was solely focusing on Short Sales. He is having one of the biggest years of his career simply because he adapted.

As a rule, humans don’t like change. They like the status quo and because of that usually end up falling behind. The human family likes to tweak a program so that it conforms with what they are comfortable with and consequently, it doesn’t always work like it should or could.

The message is clear, if we don’t adapt to the latest and greatest strategy and technology we will soon become a dinosaur, outdated and complaining about our dismal circumstances!

Stay on top by adapting and becoming!



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