Get Going

Get Going

This past week, I have met with one new agent, and one new finance person. I have been investing for over 12 years, but I am always looking to meet new people and see what opportunities they have available for me. Too many times our clients feel like they have enough going on, because they have 'a' real estate agent. Usually that's not good enough.

These new contacts this past week have given me an opportunity for a $1.3 million project that includes future development potential, and the financing to put it all together. All based on no cash out of my pocked, and bad credit. It's amazing what these professionals can do, if they just know who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Obviously, it won't always turn out that well. You may have to make multiple calls just to find that one agent that gives you what you need. The agent I located was the last in a list of about 6 agents that I called over a two day period, and it turns out she just works exclusively with investors. That is great for me! She has buyers that she works with, and if I find a deal somewhere else, I can bring it to her and she could help me unload it.

The key to this post though, is that it didn't take much action to put me in front of a spectacular opportunity. It took approximately 15 phone calls. Any one of you can do that, keeping it simple, and keeping it casual. There doesn't need to be a lot of pressure, just a conversation where you tell a professsional what you want, and ask them how they can help you. The rest will fall into place naturally.

Just get out there and get started. It doesn't take much many times to see great results. Just do something. Happy Hunting!!!


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