Put Your Flyers Here !!!

Put Your Flyers Here !!!

I just got some flyers printed and I'm brainstorming ideas.. anybody had any good results with there flyers in a particular place ???? Any ideas????


No Grind No Shine

Try this


I haven't posted flyers anywhere yet, but what seems to work for me are bandit signs. In my city, I have to put them out on Friday evening when I know road crew won't be around for the weekend. On Sunday evening I collect all of my signs before road crew starts back on Monday.

If you haven't tried bandit signs, give those a shot, along with your flyers. When I make flyers, I will probably just keep them on me all of the time, and wherever I go, I will try to leave one somewhere. Be creative, and think of places where people may have to wait. Doctors office, laundry mat etc.....

Good luck to you!!




Hey Hines,

I printed a bunch of fliers right off my printer on color paper and all it said was "I buy houses and shape any condition, I can help. Call me "name & ##PH#"

I passed these out in a subdivision that I am farming and I received about 5 calls from them. No deal resulted but I did get a call from a family member of someone who lived in that subdivision that owned a house close to where I live. This house had experienced a fire and she wanted to sell it. I was paid free and clear and I was able to buy it 10% of FMV.

I'm now marketing it to every wholesaler I can to see if I can make at least 10K on it.

I carry that flier with me and every place I see where I can put it, it's there.

You just need to be consistent.


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