Seasoning on HELOC

Seasoning on HELOC

Trying to make the plans to get our cash out of the apartment deal once the renovations are done. It will be owner-occupied, 4-unit multi-family.

We're thinking a HELOC would be the best way to go.

What are the current guidelines for HELOCs in regards to seasoning, LTV (combined LTV?), and credit score?

Any suggestions for particular loan programs?

Thanks! I'm calling the banks and brokers, but wanted to check here, too!

Tracey R.



Mine was 80% LTV and 6 mo seasoning.




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Can I ask what rate you got

Can I ask what rate you got on it? And do you know if there's any problems with a HELOC on a multi-family property? My local bank just checked and told me they couldn't do HELOCs on mutli-unit.