Does anyone know a lender who does not require seasoning?

Does anyone know a lender who does not require seasoning?

I have asked here and there in some posts but figured it might be better to start a new post. I learned from Dean's deal of the month video that you can probably find a lender to refi without having to wait six months or one year-- seasoning. Can someone tell me where to find such lender/bank to refi?

I have decided to use HML to buy properties, and need to find the next piece--good refi methods. Talked with a couple of loan brokers, without seasoning? no way, basically that's the response.


no luck for me

I have been trying to refy a prop for three months now. I have talked to brokers and banks with no success. I have gotten leads on lenders who will refy without seasoning, but they don't operate in Arizona. I even tried Dean's friend who is a mortgage broker, and he could not help either.




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Mortgage Brokers

your best bet is to just shop around for mortgage brokers, not banks or lenders. Let the mortgage brokers do that research for you. If you find a good mortgage broker, they generally have a network or a system for finding the best lenders/mortgages. They can find those mortgages with the requirements for you fast than you can. So start their. Look them up in yellow pages under mortgage brokers, or call your local real estate broker and ask for a good mortgage broker. Post an add on craigslist, and or look one up on the internet. Good luck!!


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Thank you for all your response!

I will continue to call loan officers. If anyone has any information for the non-seasoning refi in California, please let me know. I will also post what I will find to share with you all. Thanks again!