Money First?/Property First?

Money First?/Property First?

I am VERY new to this and I must be honest and say that I'm fighting very hard not to get discouraged. Should I be looking for properties first or the money with which to buy the properties. I am trying to go the "no money down" route. Any advice would be fantastic.


New at this as well!

I am new at this as well. I am taking my time and trying to learn everything that I can. I find that this site and the forums very inspirational and a great learning experience. Everybody seems to be very honest and helpful when you ask. Don't get frustrated; it takes commitment and time to make deals.

I don't have an answer for you; it is different for everybody. Keep reading and learning and the answers will come.



Try and get the books, edster7000

I will suggest you purchase the book, "Profit from Real Estate Right Now." With the entire purchase you will get the student report and "Be a real Estate Millionaire," free, by just paying shipping and Handling. Therefore, you will receive two books, for the price of one together with the report. These books will lay the foundation for what you need to do and it will also be an easy available reference at hand. Good Luck and God Bless.



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I agree with Sandra, there is a wealth of information on this site, but if you are serious about making some progress here, those books will help you no end. To my knowledge, no one on this site who has been successful has done it without the information in the materials. The newest book comes with the last book plus a special student report as giveaways!
Good Luck!

Good point SanBern

Yes, get the book. It will answer 98% of all your questions.


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