What Bank to choose?

What Bank to choose?

I am reading my new heros books! But as a leagal here in the US and about to get the rest of my papers. I therefor wonder what bank to choose. For both me personal, and later on for my business. I read that it was smart to use the same bank as you already have established a relationship with.

Based on webpages and ease of use, I have two chose:
1.Bank of America
2.US Bank.

What would you have chose and why? What is your experience with these banks?

Oh, and Dean: Thanks for some great books. I can't wait to finish them both and get started..Since I have no money, or credit history I have to start with no money down.

Thanks for all your input guys.


If you already have an

If you already have an existing relationship with your bank, then I would say by all means, approach them on your deals. However, I also think that having a mortgage broker, who has access to dozens, maybe hundreds of lenders of all sorts (banks, conventional lenders, private money, etc) has MANY MANY benefits. So, I would initially go with a mortgage broker, and interview a few to see what kind of loans they have access to, and see how comfortable they are doing deals that would be considered out of the ordinary (like refinancing with less than 6 months seasoning - that is a hot topic right now).

Then, after you have a deal or two under your belt, I would go to your bank that you've been using and talk to them about supporting you in your future deals. That way they can see you have a track record of success, and they can see that they're benefiting from your financial success, LOL!

Good luck and keep us posted!


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