Qualifying for Mortgages

Qualifying for Mortgages

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What Does It Take To Qualify?

Because mortgage loans are secured loans to the value of the house that they are associated with, you can still qualify to purchase these homes if you can meet some basic qualifications. All lenders are different but some things that will be looked at include the following:

• Do you have steady, verifiable income that shows that you can afford to make a mortgage payment as well as make all current debts that you owe?

• Is your credit score going down or up? Working on improving your score with a path moving up will show that you are working on becoming less of a risk.

• Make regular payments on secured loans. Loans that are secured including current mortgages and car payments show that you are responsible in this area.

Getting approved for a loan is a process of simply proving that you can afford to make the payments and that the home you are purchasing is worth what you are paying for it. Having references, co signers and having a down payment can also improve your ability to secure this type of loan as well, although they may not be mandatory, depending on where your credit score is.



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