Im looking to acquire a property in philadelphia, i have around 15k of cash and excellent credit. Probably im going to do it thru a hard money, but i need to make sure that i can refinance the property. Can i get a pre-approval for refinance if Im
self -employed?

I was a W2 employee for the last 3 years and the first half of 2008 and then i started as a self employed 1099 on the second half of 2008, the banks that i contacted for financing told me that they need at least 2 years of self-employed documentation so they can finance. Some people says that there are still
no doc loans available

Its there another way or loan products that i can use with my current financial status (self-employed) to get re finance for an investment property?

Thank You


I am working on the same thing.

I am still in search. But I know the key thing or the solution is keep calling the loan officers that you can find. Craigslist is a good place to look. Each of them will shop around hundred lenders/banks for you in stead of you calling every bank youself.

Thank You Winny Im looking

Thank You Winny
Im looking all around the web.


I have done deals through Bank of America. They will take pretty much anything, as long as your taxes were filed and you show that you are gainfully employed. There are no-docs available but very few and they will require you to put 20% down (well at least those that I found). Your best bet would be to go through a mortgage broker. They have different ideas on how to go around anything the banks throw in front of you. It might cost you a point though.



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