Setting up a business. Which type to choose?

Setting up a business. Which type to choose?

I'm new to real estate investing and to the DG family. I have talked with the Tax Club people and I'm confused as to which busniess entity to go with. I've narrowed it down to either an LLC or a C-Corp. From what I can tell they are very similar. I guess what I'm concerned with is which type would be better for getting and establishing business credit. I've heard some negative things about LLC's but I think thats because they are treated differently from state to state. I've read articles and have seen people selling programs that are supposed to be able help you get unsecured credit after starting a new business. Does anyone have any input or experience in this area of the business? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Business entity

I have some of the same questions, in fact I have an S Corporation that was set up in VA and I'm in FL. I had a real good tax man down here when I lived in FL before and I thought I'd get his imput on which would be the best tax wise. I figure the cost of his services might save me a lot in the long run

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