New Hope

New Hope

Hello there fellow investors,
I wanted to take the time to let you know about someone
I have met that may be of service to you or someone you may know.

Her name is Lucy Brenton. She is a Credit Repair Expert
and she does miraculous things for people who need help repairing their credit.

I am not sure if you need this service, but If you do need it and I didn't take the time to let you know about her, I would be doing you a huge DISSERVICE.

I know for a fact she has helped people remove Bankruptcies,
Foreclosure Judgments, Tax Liens, and many, many other types
of collections and derogatory information. She can help you if you need credit repair.

It doesn't matter what circumstances led you to have bruised credit,
she can help you. It is possible with Lucy's
help to repair your credit,
and live the life you so richly deserve.

Click the link below and get started today, restoring your credit so that you can start investing and/or purchase a home!




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New Hope

Hi there and thanks for the information but Dean has a credit repair in our website too. I wish you best of luck ! I am sure Lucy is good at what she does.

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

As Paul Says

As Paul says, Dean has a Financial Center that caters to the needs of the DG family in several areas. Thanks still for sharing the information. God Bless.



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I think it is great to improve of our chances for HML!DG says he does it every chance he gets and From what i understand...People with money use others peoples money!But then again...Use others peoples money.


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Credit Score

Would she be able to run an accurate credit report for you?


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HML can be your local bank

Hi again,
It was driving me crazy with the term(Hard money lender or Private hard money lender)!They are one in the same as a way to get your deal done,Our local banks are HML's! The trick is to get a loan...Insured!!! I hope my comment helps you if it is necessary.


Invest in yourself!