**** Any experience?

**** Any experience?

I just came across this site:

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Does anyone have any experience with using this service to locate investors for you properties?



It's a paid site that instead you can do yourself for free

Hi Adam,

I had not heard of the site before but I would be leary of it only for the fact it's a paid membership (I don't know how much as I didn't want to get too far into the site and have to give my contact information). Apparently the site helps its paid members reach investors and that's something you can do for free yourself in the methods outlined on this forum and in Dean's books, or for a small amount, such as paying $10 or $15 dollars or less (or free) to attend your local investors club meetings (which you can find online as well as using the websites mentioned in the Funding Report that you can get from this site. If you haven't seen the report yet go to the area on the DG home page talking about tonight's call/blitzkreig and it will tell you how to download the Funding report.

You'd be paying the Ameraco site to act as an intermediary, which they clearly state below. They don't buy the properties themselves, so it seems to me that everything you need to know you can learn from this site and from Dean's books for free!

This is what the Americaco website says in their Terms & Policy section (which I found at the very bottom of their website:

Endorsements: Ameraco.com does not sell real estate, real estate contracts, or anything referenced in or auctioned on this Site and is not recommending or endorsing the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, or content contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded, or otherwise accessed from this Site, nor the quality of any of the products, information, or materials displayed, purchased, obtained or otherwise available through this Site. Moreover, nothing in this site should be construed as imparting legal, consulting, or professional advice.

Buyer And Seller Relationship: User acknowledges and agrees that Ameraco.com is acting as an intermediary that provides information about certain real estate or real estate contracts to interested parties or investors. Ameraco.com is only providing a venue where individuals can partner, sell, or buy real estate or real estate contracts. User agrees that it will assume all responsibility in connection with choosing to purchase or sell any real estate or real estate contracts, notwithstanding that the Site facilitated such transaction(s). Ameraco.com assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims that may result directly or indirectly from the buyer/seller relationship, including, but not limited to, breach of contract claims or fraud.

Hope this helps!
Nancy D.


Help feed the hungry - www.freerice.com

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Did a Google search and ran across this,



Perseverance is the key!

My research

I called them and got the info, but in doing further research they have alot of negetive remarks from people who paid the $495.00. They were not able to get investors for there properties and were not able to get a refund of there money. I think the success academy would be better to spend the $495.00 on rather than this at least you know you can trust Dean and the coaches to give u exactly what they promise.
Just my opinion.

Thanks for the feedback. I

Thanks for the feedback. I am on the phone right now with the Success Academy!



Any time you have to pay money to get money is the time to walk away and read Dean's book a little more......Jan

Have to agree with Jan

Don't pay for what you can do for free. You don't need to spend money on something in which you can get for free. Build your buyers list, post ads in the local paper, advertise on craigslist, use word of mouth.



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