hard money loan question

hard money loan question

i am curious about this private lender and i don't understand the following criteria.

# Terms from 6 to 36 months, no pre payment penalty.(does this essentially mean "no seasoning" ?
# Construction & Rehab loans up to 100% LTC at 65 LTV of the ARV.
# Land loans up to 50 LTV.
# Residential refi up to 65 LTV, purchase up to 80 LTV.
# Commercial refi up to 75 LTV, purchase up to 80 LTV.
# We are not FICO driven up to 65 LTV.

can someone please break this down and is this a good lender to borrow from?



the no pre payment fee means they wont charge you a fee if you pay the loan as soon as whatever time you and lender decide.
and the 80% LTV means loans up to 80% of the purchase price
it seems like a good hml
you would want to check for interest rates and points if any