Making Offers

Making Offers

Does any one know the name or web site of the company that will give you a letter of pre qualification. I have seen post on this site before but am unable to find them now.





Perry SW-MO / funding

Hi perry,

the one I know is this

they work with investor's from Dean's website!

I hope this is what you needed, and what you wanted.


P.s. good luck


is down. Go to to generate the proof of funds letter. I use their POF to submit my offer-which got accepted by the way-on Monday earlier this week. I've never use them for transactional funding though.


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Altcamel - Wrong web site

I clicked on your link and it didn't take me where I think you wanted us to go. I think you should check it.


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Cash for deals

I had no problem @ but the link for the site did not come up did you type the link right?

Also I replied back to JayBob's post to thank him for the link but I do not see it here, so thanks JayBob you are a real gem my friend!!!

Happy Investing,

More great information...

Thanks guys -- seems every post or forum I read on this site gives me more answers and more ideas....

Happy Investing everybody.



Last I checked (yesterday) Coastal-Funding was still having technical difficulties. I used yesterday to request a POF letter and received it promptly.

I have not utilized their services as of yet, but their rates are slight lower then Coastal. They do not however have the massive scale of transactional funding which Coastal does. But unless you're putting together a $100MM deal I wouldn't worry about it lol.

I would recommend giving them a shot, they look professional and the POF request process was quick and painless. Very similar to Coastal-Funding.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

For the record..

Coastal-Funding does have an established, working relationship with users here on If they are active again, I would use them, simply for their reputation.

They where simply having technical difficulties when I checked, the "submit" link was broken so you couldn't request a POF. But they did send me an email stating that they had a tech working on it and they are doing everything possible to get it back up asap.

If they are not yet up and you need POF NOW, I would go with

Good luck all! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

Thanks for all the info

Thanks for all the info guys.