hi everyone! im having problems getting a good mortgage broker! i have 4 motivated buyers but one of those buyers is self inployed and i need some help in how to find a good broker. i live in central ca just in case anyone know any broker around here?


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Try calling the top real estate agents in your area, they will know who the brokers are that are getting the deals closed. You can even tell the agents your looking to buy but need to get a broker or 2 referral first to save everyone time. The real estate agents will be happy to hear this and often offer a good refferal of a broker to you. I hope this helps. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Getting a Great Mortgage Broker

There are several things that you want to look at when choosing a Mortgage Broker. Indiana-Joe is correct that a great way to start any new professional relationship is from a referral. I will add that this mortgage broker should be willing to take the time out that is necessary to help you, and educate you about current loan programs. That takes a very high level of professionalism - they are not just trying to make a buck off from you. They want what is best for you, not for their bottom line.

You will want to interview a few of these mortgage brokers. Also, you want to request a copy of their fee schedule, or a good faith estimate. Find out what charges that they regularly charge their clients. You will notice that some Loan Brokers charge much more for the same loan than others. You will also want to know if they participate in Government loan programs that assist home buyers like the USDA Loan Program. This type of loan broker will try and help people obtain loans. They are willing to work a little harder to really help people and not just there for the easy deal that will generate quick money.

You should always find a broker that works best with you. Sometimes this will not be the cheapest person - that is o.k. if they come recommended and are willing to educate you, you have found yourself a great Mortage Broker!


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