Contracts and Forms for Cash Investor

Contracts and Forms for Cash Investor

What type of forms or contracts/paperwork is given to a cash investor aside from a promissory note and a mortgage with them as the lien holder?


Contracts and Forms for Cash investor

I too would like to know what type of forms are needed for a Cash Investor, especially since that is exactly what I am looking for so desperately.
Please advise...Thanks again!!


Well 1st of all, a cash buyer will not be the lien holder as there will be no mortgage. If they are purchasing cash there is no need for any loans. As far as contracts go, I would go assignment route if I where you. Assigning to a cash buyer will be quick and painless.

You will need a non-disclosure signed before showing the property to make sure they do not steal it out from underneath you. After you have that signed, if they are interested in the property, then you can simply assign the contract for a fee.

You can also always go the double closing route using transaction funding. If you do not want the buyer to know how much you are making in the transaction (among various other reasons), you may want to consider this. You need to find a title co. which will handle the double closing, but this again would be a quick and painless transaction.

I hope this helps. Any questions don't hesitate to ask! Good luck! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins