List for HML's need SERIOUS updating !!

List for HML's need SERIOUS updating !!

I am in Arkansas trying to put together deals. The lists that have been published on this forum for Hard Money Lenders are NOT for the little guys.

Several on that list are no longer around!!
Most on the list don't look at amounts less than $250K
Several do ONLY commercial.

I have spent several hours emailing, calling and addressing web sites only to come up with 2 lenders that will do loans for less than 100K deals and BOTH want a hefty % down. I have excellent credit (avg 790), so thats not the problem. Neither is the property since I have it locked up at 48% of ARV.

If anyone on the DG site has info to point me in another direction for funds on a Rehab/Flip, I would greatly appreciate it at this time.



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