Need Private money's or an Investor to assist me

Need Private money's or an Investor to assist me

I need private money's or another
Investor right now to assit me in buying a REO.

Bob 805/264-7432


finding investors

I have been hard at work, finding houses, but have not been able to lock anything down because of lack of money. Everyone I talk to wants proof of funds, which I don't have. Can anyone HELP ME!

You can get a Proof of Funds

You can get a Proof of Funds letter at
It is free to fill in how much you need to prove you have and print out. You can do it with each and every property you find. There are others as well, you just need to search the forums. Almost any info you need is on a forum already. Also, if you are going to be doing a same day, back to back closing, coastal funding will (for a fee of course), transfer the money to your title company and then your buyer pays you and you transfer money right back to coastal. The best thing for you to do is get on here and read, read, read the forums. You will learn a lot from it. There are people on here making deals every day. You will too.



Thank you very much, I am going to that site RIGHT-NOW..


You can also try
good luck