VA Loan and Wifes Bad Credit

VA Loan and Wifes Bad Credit

I am in the Army and would like to buy a property where I am stationed near FT Polk, Louisiana. I married my wife, a nurse in Phoenix, AZ, about 4 months ago.

She is going through a house foreclosure in AZ right now. I tried to get a VA loan but as LA is a community property state I did not qualify. My credit score is around 800, heres 600. I think the main problem is that her debt for house exceeds what my officers pay can match.

Is there anyway I can avoid this and use my VA loan to purchase a home here? When the home is finally foreclosed could I then use my VA loan (Im assuming then she would not have the outstanding mortgage which showed when they pulled her credit report that she was 2 payments behind).

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When applying for a loan, apply for it without her as a co-borrower. Apply for this loan on your own. Why does she need to be on the loan - state law may require her to be on the deed as owner, but not on the loan itself. In my state it is one to buy and two to sell if you are married, meaning a husband can buy a home but would have to have his wife to sign off to sell the property.

Do you qualify for a home loan without her income? This could be something for you to look into and discuss with your lender. With a 800 credit score and an officers pay you should qualify for a nice home by yourself.


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They said b/c Louisiana is a community property state they have to run her credit no matter what to make sure that I could meet her debts, ie her mortage she will be defaulting on and my debts. They said it would be no problem on my own but with her they couldnt do loan.

Just trying to find some way to make this happen:(

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