Will Pay for

Will Pay for

I am wondering if anyone who has a credit score of 660 or higher would be willing to cosign on my realestate loan with my private investor. I will pay $20,000.00 to you at close of these deals. They are willing to loan the money to my company they would just like to see one of my principal members of my LLC with a 660 or higher.This loan will not show up on your personal credit. Please send me a PM and I will go over the deal completely with you.
Thank you for your time


I would like details

I am interested but i would like to know details.

Information Needed

Donna - this sounds good but I would need more information before it would be considered.


Hi Jogden and cdentremont

Thank you for your interest I have sent a PM to your inbox.
Have a great and blessed day.
Donna Quenzer

just wondering

Just wondering if you got the co-signer already.


I believe I am good at this time thank you for your interest.


Ok good for you. Thanks

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