good way to establish credit?

good way to establish credit?

even though i have absolutly no credit, i realized i really need to establish some. does anyone know of ways to do that? but you should also no ive applied for credit cards and cant get one becuase i dont have a job at the moment..



I am 19 and own a 4 unit thanks to Dean. It does not matter your age, anyone can do it. I started with no credit and I am now building my credit. What you need to do is go to Bank of America. They will allow you to open up a secured cc. Where you give them the money to hold, and that will be your limit. If you open a card for $500, then never go over $250. Charge things on your card and pay it off monthly over time. After about a 1/2 year of you making your payments they will give you the money you gave them to start off back, and they will give you an unsecured card. Pretty soon other banks will start sending you cards and offers in the mail, online, etc. I now have 3 credit cards. You have to know how to manage them, there are good cards to have and bad ones, some help and some hurt credit. There is an awesome video Dean has up now of another Jeremy who is a credit expert, and he explains everything we need to know about credit.



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Thanks Jeremy

Hey thanks Jeremy,

I didn't ask the questions but I found your feedback to be quality information for me in the re-establishing phase of credit.


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You can also ask a family

You can also ask a family member or good friend to add you to their acct if they have good credit. They don't give you the pin# or acct number or anything so they are not at risk of you using their credit. all that will happen is you will benefit from their great cc score, it is also a way to boost your score. They call it piggy backing.

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