Has any one used Wendy Patton Funding or similar service?

Has any one used Wendy Patton Funding or similar service?

I stumbled on a link to Wendy Patton's website from one of Anitarny's post(sorry if I spelled it wrong). I went to the website because I was trying to get more info on lease options/lease purchase. And I see that she lends money to investors. Has anyone tried using her as a HML? What was your experience? How high were the fee's?

If you have not used her service.... Has anyone one used a sevice similar to hers.

As I have read about Hard Money Lenders, I just assume that people had connections with cash investors that they knew personally. I didnt realize there were company's that actually lend it to help you make the sale. Although it seems amazing, I am extremely skeptical. I am almost positive there are some outragous Fee's or extremely high interest. Or maybe even a scam?

Anyone with incite, please chime in.



Hard Money Lenders

I have not personally used the service of HML's as of yet but am willing to do so. Here is Florida their cost is approx 6% interest so it is high, but not extremely.
Generally you do have to provide them with equity, they prefer Home equity from a paid off house. Some lenders give you variable terms and others lock you in to a minimum time frame.
Do your best to find one that will accept early payments and pay them off before the first payment (1month) is due, or asap.

Hope that helps!