Who needs Financing AnyWay?-Funding Sources

Who needs Financing AnyWay?-Funding Sources

I have a newsletter that offers many sources of funding throughout the year and is up to date for current market conditions.

Also, there are many opportunities to meet other investors and those looking to be or looking for partners. It costs $24.00 per year for a subscription.

PM me if you are interested in a subsciption.

Another couple of sources that you may want to do your due diligence on while you are thinking about that are one in AZ that boasts:

Commercial projects

Office Condos

Multi-Unit residential over 4 units

Income producing properties

Fully improved lots
Raw and Entitled land

Industrial Complexes

Hotels and Motels

Medical Buildings
Bridge loans and Mezzanine financing
Rehab loans

Cash-out loans

Non-owner occupied SFR's

Full interest reserves if needed for easy payments

Fee based loan commitments up to 60 days in advance of funding for pre
approved loans

(No pre-payment penalties on qualified loans)

(Fast Closings - Typically one week close time upon receiving loan
package) --A finder agreement applies

--- AND -----

www.nhmaonline.com --A private lender source!

Please let me know if any of this helps or if you need further information. This is not meant to be any sort of solicitation, just information that may assist with your endeavors.

Of course, as we all know, there are also great ways to invest and make deals without lender financing, so don't forget about those on this site from the pros.

Happy Holidays &
Happy Hunting with Great Success To All!


Best Regards,
(Licensed Realtor-Military Vet-9/11Vet)
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Live life as if always on vacation and have all the good health, time, & wealth to enjoy it.
Work, only when and IF desired. Helping others do the same. It Pay$ To Connect!
Always In Gratitude.....

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