New good Faith Estimate Form

New good Faith Estimate Form

As we come into a new year there will be changes in investing. One such change is going to be a new Good Faith Estimate form. The changes in the form are ment to make it easier to see how much the loan is costing you. There are places to compare the cost of the loan with an interest rate buy down to lower your interest rate, or getting a higher interest rate to help cover some of the closing costs so you are bring in less money to cover closing cost. There is also a section that will help if you wat to comparison shop your loan. Here is an address that you can use to view the new Good Fath Estimate form:


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Thanks coach! I have been gathering as many forms and contracts and filing in my new home office. Keeping in forward forward motion,and building up momentium . This JIT. Thanks; Layman T. Scott President of Scott Housing and Rentals, LLC

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