How do you start with bad credit?

How do you start with bad credit?

How do people start this business with no money and no credit?



Do you have bad credit or just have not established credit yet? Have you read Dean's books? You can bird dog for other for a fee to start to make some cash. There is also assignment of contracts where you lock up a property and pass it off to another inestor for a fee. Read the books and you will see how to do all of this.

As for credit, you can go to a bank and open a secured credit card. Where you give them $100 or whatever the amount may be, that will be your credit limit. They will hold the money you give them, you use the card every month, pay early and always be on time. After a year they will issue you an unsecured cc and give you back the money you originally gave to secure the card. You will increase and build your credit by doing this.



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Joint ventures

You can make money in real estate by controlling it, just as Jeremy explained (very well I might add), or by doing a joint venture with another investor. It is very possible to find a partner, individual with money that is earning a whopping 1/2 of 1 percent on their money at the bank and could be enticed to some sort of partnership where they do nothing expect put money up for deals. This could be a friend or family member. One thing that you need to ensure is that everything and every detail of your agreement must be in writing!

Best of luck to you! I hope that this helps.


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No Dough and No Credits

My good man you are in the right place at the right dont need either..if u dont know anyone with large amts of cash hanging problem..just go onto craigs list or any other "FREE" site and advertise for one..Also, like Jeremy said u can find folks looking to extracate them selves from their property (for a bevy of reasons) and put it under contract (for no money..yet)for 30-90 days and find yerself a buyer for a fee..10% of the sales price sounds good to me..folks in preforclosure are just looking for someone like you to come along and get them out of a sure forclosure situation, hense bankruptcy, bummer, except your here to save the day and make 5-10-15k or more Shocked)

Go Get 'em-read Deans books
takes a day or 2



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free sites

I know of craigs list what other sites are their and what do I ask for as for as that goes. I have seen a bunch of properties, just need the money. This is very helpful. Thanks a (thousand) right I will thank you a (million) in a few weeks. Thanks alot. Waiting to hear about this. "RAIN"


Dean's new book, "Ypur Town Your Real Estate Profits", is packed with a tremendous amount of information to help ou get started with bad credit. Many of Dean's students have profited from assignments, sandwich lease options and 100% finance properties. The key is find a niche for what works in your area and learn all you can. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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