I need help Graziosians- Please Read

I need help Graziosians- Please Read

I have a situation which is keeping me from fulfiling my dream in real estate. In February of 2009, I made a foolish mistsake and bought a home with my then fiance. We also purchased a truck shortly there after. soon after we bought the house, things started deteoriating rapidly. Well we broke up in July and I left her with the house and took the truck. I was assured by her that she would have the house refinanced within a month with her parents help. Well they did not trust that she would make right decisions so they did not help her leaving me in a bind.
The house and truck is in both of our names: truck payoff about 20000, house 85000 +. She has been paying the house and I have been paying my truck. I have tried to get the truck refinanced to get her name off but because the house is also in my name, no one would approve me because it still looks like i am paying a 400 car payment and a 700 mortgage. What I am hoping for is help, advice anything from my Graziosians that can help guide me in the right direction to get her name off of my truck and get my name off of the house. I have tried even earlier tonight to call her and discuss how we can go about doing this and she says she does not what to have such discussions. It has been 6 months since we split and she has made not one effort to get the house out of my name. Please, any help that anyone can offer me to get this taken care of would be greatly appreciated, I do own my current home free and clear but no one looks past my debt to income ratio to even give me a home equity loan to pay off my truck. I am ready to go full force with my business but have this thing holding me down, I would like help, any help that could eventually help stear me clear of this situation I am in.
Thanks in advance for the help as always..





You and she co-signed on the loan for the house? Also the truck?
Tell her that you will have no option but to put the house up for sale. Technically I suppose you can't actually do it without her consent, but if she wants to keep it, maybe it'll put enough of a fire under her butt to refinance. Eye-wink
In the meantime, I'd probably seek the help of an attorney in this case. Might be well worth it, and then you can move on with your life. Sorry for your predicament.



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Dont worry

I'm afraid Rinas right..the consult of an atty' might be where to start-if you need to start at all Shocked)...you see, you have in your possession the wherewithall to break free of "any" financial encumbrance..You could completely ignore her and get kickin' in the REI biz, and when your ready you can do whatever you wish without having to worry about $$$$...Dont let a little thing like this slow ya down..

Good Luck



John Ross


Rina is right. The only way to get some options on what you can and cannot do is to go to a lawyer. It may cost a little now, but you might save big at the end. Just some advise, good luck....Jan

Family or Divorce attorney


Someone needs to have those discussions and resolve this, and it sounds like it won't be you based on her response. An attorney with experience or specializing in divorce or a "family matters" attorney may be your best bet. They deal with issues like this and can take care of it.

Good luck!



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