Any banks for 3months seasoning Refinance??

Any banks for 3months seasoning Refinance??

I made more than 50calls to different banks and mortgage brokers. Could not find one who does refinancing with less than 6months seasoning. I've been trying for months now. The property is seasoned for about 3.5months now. Please let me know, if you know a lender for this type of refinancing. Property is free and clear. Thank you !



Are you calling small community banks? That is what Matt recommends you do. No more than 3-5 branches. Keep trying someone will have an inhouse product for you.



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Yes, I called all the banks

Yes, I called all the banks until I ran out of numbers/banks in google. Usually when they say No, they recommend someone else, and I call them too. No luck so far.


Rina has had success going to the banks in person instead of calling.

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Take the time to go in and talk to them, You will be surprise at what you find out. Your small town banks will come a lot closer of not requiring seasoning. I have found two small town banks that require no seasoning here in clarksville Tn, Let me know how your results are after you walk in and talk to them. I really think you will be amazed.