I was watching the Gain the Edge 09 DVD's and I wanted to build my business credit.

My question is: How do I get a EIN number?

I looked it up on Google and a lot of different sites come up. How do I know what's a good company to go with.

Anyone have any recommendations???



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Your State

You can get an EIN# from your secretary of state, I believe, I don't think it costs a thing!


Cathy B

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Cathy is right just call the sectary of state. they will fix you right up. If you are close you can go in and do it.




Awesome. Thank you

Awesome. Thank you Smiling


“If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.” -Anthony Robbins


www.legalzoom.com can hook you up with setting up your LLC and they do all the paperwork necessary and get your EIN# as well.


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These are all good suggestions. A couple other ones are, CPA's, acountants, and attorneys. Some of these are fairly reasonable price wise. Of course doing it yourself will be the least costly.


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Humm, EIN #

Great question but it made me think that new members coming to the site for the first time, checking out the site ... might be wondering "what is an EIN #" Nothing in this thread really explains it.

Of course everything can be googled or just simply found on this site, if you know how. Newcomers just do not know that and if they read a (great question) thread like this they just might feel too uninformed and give up on RE before they ever get started!

Just a thought!


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