List of Transactional Funders

List of Transactional Funders

Here is a list of Transactional Funders. Each have theie own policies and procedures, so you need to call and ask questions and decide from there.

These are the better one's, as there are really some bad one's out there. I listed as you can see, their websites only.

Hope this helps.


Best Transactional Funding

I've used their POF's on 3 offers so far. They are great and they even sent me some follow up emails for me to call for any questions.


BRE #01956371

Good List

Thanks for the list Jimmy. While I have no need for it yet, it's always good to be ready in case a killer deal comes up where POF is necessary. You are the man!



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nice list

thanks for the info !

good list

Even though I have never used these services another one is

Awesome list.

Awesome list. Here is another good one.


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Thank you for this list but which of those did you have success with? I like to see some testimonials


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Thanks Jim
For the listing since their are new investor out here that do come across some good deal but don't have the funds to lock it up

Best Regards
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Thank you

I love this site everyone is out to make sure the next person gets over the finish line. Thank you for your help

Adam Negri

Check the fees

Check the fess on each of these. Also, even though their fees may be high, their proof of funds letter may be easier to do. You don't have to use them just because you did a POF letter with them. I use these sites all the time to get a proof of funds letter.


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Thanks for the list

This is great, I appreciate it very much. I have been in the mortgage industry in one way shape of form for about 12 years but am so used to the "conventional" way of doing things I had no idea these were out there. I'm glad I found this site, it pays to not ever think you "know everything" just because you have some experience. Thank you so much!

Much needed info

Thanks for the list. This is what i have been looking for. I guess I have no excuses now.

Whole saling bulk REOs

I am just starting my real estate investing career. I chose to begin by wholesaling REOs. I have a cash buyer here in chicago who is looking to buy up to 25 properties (They like to buy 5 at a time). I have found 5 REOs that fits their buying criteria. I know for sure that I will be using transactional funding. My question is how do I go about getting all 5 properties under contract and then do a double closing on all of them? Can someone please help me out with this process?

Eric H

Send me your contact information through a PM here. I had been going through some health challenges and was just now able to respond to everyone who had sent me a note.

I think we could do this but I need to discuss the situation with the firm. Please send me details of the deal as well.


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