Reverse Mortgage or Refinance

Reverse Mortgage or Refinance

Reverse Mortgage Home Loan For Senior Citizens–Is Refinancing A Better Option?

Some senior citizens who are looking for money later in life often use a reverse mortgage loan in order to get the funds that they may need for various expenses. However, there are many people who believe that a reverse mortgage loan it is a horrible decision for senior citizen homeowners as this type of loan can cause trouble for some.

A reverse mortgage loan uses equity that a homeowner has built in order to provide the homeowner with money they may want or need. A reverse mortgage doesn’t have to be repaid by the homeowner as long as they are living in their home and paying their property taxes, which can be beneficial. However, usually a reverse mortgage is repaid after a homeowner passes away and their estate is settled, so this is a factor that many homeowners need to consider before getting a reverse mortgage.

Also, there are those who argue that refinancing a home is a better option than a reverse mortgage loan. Refinancing a home can also bring money for expenses that a senior citizen homeowner may need but it is less risky than a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage loan never has to be repaid so it continues to build in the amount owed.


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