Money From Other Countries

Money From Other Countries

"Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China’s largest bank, is rolling out a “large-loan” program targeting commercial real-estate owners..."*

Many people imagine that money lent in the US is money from the US only. This is not the case many times you will find banks and other conduit companies from all over the world that will lend in the US.

Quite a few of these companies will lend on commercial properties exclusively other will have branches that will lend on single residences.

I bring this up so that you may know a little more about the lending business.

Your ability to get a loan may be higher with an out of country lender or conduit loan. Many of these lenders have different criteria than our local lenders. Part of the reason is that the country they originate from requires different financial structures for their country than ours. This can be a great benefit for you.

Mortgage brokers may have contact to these types of lenders.



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