Does anyone have suggestions on how to get a downpayment

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get a downpayment

with bad credit? I found an apartment building, but need to come up with 15% for downpayment?




Like I've been told, you can get a buyer to sign the contract and have the buyer give you the 15% as a down payment. Or you can borrow from family, friends, and other investors, etc. I hope that helps.

Try This

There are government grant programs that can be utilized for down payment monies to the tune of 25% of the purchase price. You then have to obtain funding for the balance.

These grants are available for the purpose of providing housing to others.


This apartment building I found is seller financing, but they want a 15% downpayment on it.

Thanks all!!! I appreciate your help.


The family and friends are out of the question. I just wanted to know other alternatives.


You could always ask the

You could always ask the seller if you could pay a high percentage and ask if he would take the down payment in the form of a promisary note.

Lets just say that a 4 unit (2bed 1 bath)apartment is 100,000 and the seller will finance 85,000 over 5 years with 7% interest with the balance being owed at the end. Ask the seller if he will finance the entire 100,000, 15,000 on a promisary note at 9% and 85,000 on 7%. Also keep in mind that if we are in deed talking about an apartment, you could still walk away with cash in your pocket if you worked it the right way, meaning the security deposits and first months rent would need to go to you as well and try and defer the payments to him for 60 days in order for you to do any repairs.

Im not saying my scenario is perfect by any means but it seems to me like its a do-able (is that even a word)deal if you found the right MOTIVATED seller that just wants out.

Just my initial thought on the subject.



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Many thanks! I am working with the DG Real Estate academy and they weren't giving me options. They are ways to negotiate the deals, but they weren't telling me how. They also told me to get a business partner or joint venture.


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Kevin, for the short time you been on this site, you are picking it up like an old veteran. How's the Dayton area working for you? PM me and send me some pics of what your investing in.

Thanks, Bruce


Would you have any suggestions on how to lower the asking price with Seller Financing?


See if this website is of any assistance.


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