The Problem With Funding Deals In Southern California

The Problem With Funding Deals In Southern California

Hello To All:
I have been fielding alot of calls lately from DG'ers who want to do deals in Southern California.

I always make it a point to inquire as to why they need to call me as opposed to just dealing local.

The answers are always different but surround the same situation. There are not alot of hard money and private money lenders in business anymore.

I decided to work on locating one who could do deals in Southern California and I found one and I am now a registered broker for them.

PM me if you need funds for deals in Southern California. They specialize in deals in Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County.

Now before everyone begins dropping me notes, allow me to say the following:

They only fund deals $30,000 to $150,000.00. They have fees that could be considered by some to be high, however, they seem to be in line with what the market bears.

Most loans can be funded in 7 days after application. Here is the Biggie...No Fico Score required!!!

Interested, send me a PM with phone number and I will call you. Please keep in mind, I am swamped everyday, the phone never stops ringing. So I will also respond with my contact info as well.


Actually I Can Do That I Believe

Drop me a PM with your contact info and I will call you. I can do HM in AZ and NM.

Southern California

Hello Jimmy,
Thanks for this help that you are offering. I'm also from Southern California and interested in your help. I will pm you
- Arnold


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