Using a Credit Card to Purchase a House

Using a Credit Card to Purchase a House

Has anybody ever used a credit card to purchase a house before? If so, how does it work? Can you provide some guidance and details into the process?

I am interested in a house that is 50K and my credit line is large enough to cover this amount but I am not sure if I should go ahead and do it. Are there any pitfalls that I should watch out for?

I don't know if anyone has

I don't know if anyone has ever done it but you probably could do a little research. I personally don't see anything wrong with it. If the #s looking good where you can make a profit what you could do is buy it, flip it, pay back on the credit card and pocket the profits. That's just my 2 cents.



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The hardest part is finding a Title or closing company that will allow a credit card to purchase the properties. The way companies like this look at the credit card is that there is a chance that you will pay for the home, take title then call the credit card company and cancel the payment. As you can then imagine that most Title companies will not allow credit cards. Some may but you will need to look for them.

You can pay using Pay Pal. You can transfer money from a credit card through Pay Pal to the closing. Pay pal will chard the card as a purchase.


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Credit Card

We have purchased a house with a credit card. We were in the process of building a spec home on a foreclosed lot that we had purchased through county auction. Since we paid cash for that lot, then purchased another lot at county auction, also using cash; plus the payments to the builder in 4 installments, also cash ... we were tapped out !
We got a call from someone we had bought 2 houses from 2 yrs earlier & wanted to sell fast, like that week for cash. We took a credit card convenience check & deposited $80K into our account. This way there were no problems with closing & the title company.
Now it was a "special offer", .99% interest for 6 months, but we rehabbed the house & sold it quick. Paid 72K, put 8K into it, & sold for 135K ... it sure paid to take the chance!

Great Advice

I agree with all the suggestions. I used a card also by depositing the check into my bank account. This was only for part of the down payment that was repaid with the money I received at closing.



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