Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae

Hello Everyone...

I just found a property in Fannie Mae's inventory. It has been there for over thirty days. They just lowered the price from whatever it was to $44,900. In case you don't know...a Fannie Mae can be purchased for as little as 3% down. My calculator says that is $1,347. I went on Dean's Real Estate Analysis System and put in the address and the value of this property is... $237,000. Talk about panning for gold and hitting a winner! I am very excited. The property is in southern Arizona...I am in Northern Arizona...the realtor with the listing is in Utah...and I ride my bike as an investor! I will get down there this weekend somehow because good deals do not wait!!!

Tom S.


Good Luck

Pedal fast!! No really, good luck with the property it sounds like it could be the one! Keep us posted, peoples success motivates everyone.



Cathy B

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The sooner the better

Congrats on your fine. Hope the property will be in good enough condition to put in that offer. All the best.



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Great find

That is a great find, good luck with closing tbhe deal! Keep us updated.

Bicycle Investor,

It sounds like it may be a deal for you. Keep us updated as to the status of the potential find. Good luck with this potential deal. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Keep Pedaling :)

I think he's still pedaling that's why he's hasn't responded back yet.......make sure you have enough air on those tires since it's a long distance from North to South. I'm only playing Tom, I hope this wheel, oops, deal works out in your favor Smiling

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John A.

Fannie Mae

How do you find their inventory? I haven't heard of this. Is there a website?


Fannie Mae

Hi Skyace2...

There are several that you can look up! Try Any of these will keep you busy!

Good Luck!

Tom S.

Bicycle Investor

Fannie Mae

Hello Cathy...

I put a response out there today. It was 136 miles from me with a lot of work to be so so I passed on this one. Those of you that are unaware of the amount of property the Federal Government is on the hook for should check out:,, or to see them all! There is plenty of property for all of us in all states.

Tom S.