just got back from my first seminar!!!!!!

just got back from my first seminar!!!!!!

just got back from one of deans seminars, a lot of the blank points were filled for me and its awesome! knowledge gained is power! 30 days to real estate watch out here i come!!!!!! ... the only thing i was down about is i wish i had the 2 grand to go to the 3 day work shop so i could be shown sep by step through a first deal of my own with people who have done deals. but i guess a little extra work on my end to try it all out and find everything will teach some lessons


learn as you go

JWL06, I'm glad you have the motivation and the desire. now you need to transform that into action. It is easy to not do anything and have that desire fade away. I would advise you to learn more and more, but at the same time take action. you are going to get the most out of your experiences and education when you are taking action.

I know a ton of dean students and even my own dad. They love to get pumped up time and time again, but they never take action on what they have learned because of fear. Don't let this happen to you, the sky is the limit when you put your mind to work

great job


I always say Keep Moving Forward! Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

As Matt Larsen says "Feed the Need" - Edge 2013

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