Bird-Dogging Agreement

Bird-Dogging Agreement

Hello all,

I've been a member here for about a week and already have a potential Bird-Dogging opportunity. Does anyone have a form letter for a Bird-googing agreement or non-circumvent claus? Which would best apply in this case?

I checked the forms topic on the left and didn't find an example.

Thanks in advance.



Non-Circumvent Agreement

Google non-circumvent agreement and you should come across some examples. Download a few and edit to fit your circumstance.


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Thanks moombeam. I

Thanks moombeam. I appreciate the help.

Greetings from already Too Hot Florida

Hi All, New Girl coming on board! With all of my lifelong, never ending and sometimes naive optimism, I am jumping in at the absolute worst time in my life! Had to file bankruptcy last year after selling my business at a huge loss, wasn't able to find a job for 3 months then got hired at USPS. What I didn't know was just how part time my new part time job would be in the beginning. Has worked into approx 4 days per week now. End result: bankruptcy last year and inspite of my best, continuous efforts with my mortgage company - foreclosure in 74 days! YIKES!
Being a single parent, I'm quite scared about the near future. I rec'd Deans books probably 2-3 weeks ago and am reading them as quickly as time allows.
I look forward to meeting all of you, learning from and with you and ultimately being one of Deans great success stories. I've always loved real estate and had a knack for knowing when something was valuable when others didn't. Note to Dean.....I'm gonna make you proud and I want to thank you in advance for taking care of my future retirement and daughters college education. Now, let's get busy!
Hope I put this on the right page or in the right section, apologies if not.

Hello Love! Welcome to the

Hello Love! Welcome to the DG family!

No need to appolgize, but you may want to put your posts under "Member Journals." Don't feel bad I did the same thing.

Just click on "Member Journals" on the left and click on "Post New Forum Topic" at the top and you're off and typing. Your posts in other topics may get lost unless you're actually discussing that topic.

Again, welcome, have fun learning, and make a lots of money along the way. I know I'm having a blast!!

Greeting new family member!

Thank you for responding, you're my first contact! I looked and looked under Member Journals and for the life of me could not find where to start my own. So I clicked on someone else's and typed away hoping that would be my beginning. Thank you for your guidance. Should I copy/paste my initial submission again under Post New Forum Topic? Miss Anna

It'll save you a BUNCH of

It'll save you a BUNCH of typing if you do.......LOL

You'll get many more welcomes and you'll find much support and guidance here. It really is like a family.

Have fun!!

Something to Consider

In some jurisdictions "bird dogging" is actually illegal....illegal because as a bird dog you have NO financial or legal interest in the property that you are in a sense marketing and selling.

This position is actually what a Real Estate Agent/Broker is in essence....a bird dog. They look for properties for a client and fill out some paperwork and end up with some money in the end. In most states practicing real estate WITHOUT a license is illegal. Thus...the reason why they see bird dogging as illegal.

There is a way around this and it is of course as an ASSIGNMENT or you also may "sell" LEADS. This issue should be checked out locally as to what they consider a "lead" verses something be sure check with a lawyer in your area.

Just my opinion.



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Thank you Sam for your

Thank you Sam for your valuable input. That's why I thought using a contract was important. Not only to protect anyone from going around me, but also to establish that I'm providing the lead for a fee. I don't think selling leads is an issue unless there's a conflict, thus the contract.

I learned the hard way from another of my businesses that you always, always, always establish a contract that tells specifically what will be done, when it will be done and for what fee.

Is that what you were thinking? I certainly appreciate your help. That's one of my bigest concerns is with legal issues. I can see a real estate agent getting mad over a sale that they may have made more money if it were sold at FMV. Your thoughts?

I'm in Delray Beach Fl Palm Bch County!!!

Hello ILove America.....just wondering what part of Fla you're in? I'm new to Dean's Club as well and it would be great to speak with someone from my state.....could you pm me??? Monica REI_
Thank you in advance Monica

Great strides

New girl,

I love your attitude and determination. The last year has been just as fun for me. The construction industries failure in Florida hasn't dampened my spirits either. And I look forward to our mutual climb to the top. Nothing can keep us down, but ourselves and what we allow. Anytime you need a pick me up, let me know, and I am sure you will do the same.


Similar Situation

I spoke to a REA today (referred to me by a friend - he said that she stayed busy and was a good agent) and told her what I intended to do and how we can make money together..and she really didn't understand what I was talking about. I mean, I explained it to her slowly (to let her think)..and explained that we may not make big bucks right away, but that we would ramp up production as we grew together.
I think i explained it maybe 3 times..then she said to me.."let me ask around and see if anyone has heard of this before. I'm not sure if what you intend to do is legal."

well..guess i gotta keep looking for MY perfect 'Star'