Getting Started

Getting Started

Hi Everyone,
I am completely new in Real Estate Investing.I have completed reading Dean's "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" and "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" also I joined DEAN'S REAL ESTATE SUCCESS ACADEMY.
After reading both book I am so much inspired with Dean's talking.Also I am getting wonderful knowledge from all member's daily journal that I can't wait to make my first deal.

I need help from everyone on this site and success academy.Please help me to step forward in Real Estate Investing Success way.If I can help anybody in anyway I can I will feel very happy.



welcome to the site

Its grea to have you here


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Getting Started (2) too!

Welcome Maps 29195!

Herschel here, I'm also new to the DG fam...Hello Anita, I appreciate your journals...heck, I appreciate everyones everything and especially the big DG for creating this wonderful community!

This website is "Overwhelmingly fantastic" and it will take me atleast 21 days to get used to navagating myself with all of the resources offered here...but the best information on REI in the world is nothing...unless you have the right PEOPLE to share it!

I have much to share but for now I just want to thank everyone for their participation and I'm looking forward to learning all I can and then also share my gifts, skills and talents to add to this special place.




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In that order!
In that order!


Hello!I love maps29195 as your call name,It is almost like a point
to find.Good-luck on your real estate adventure...I'm sure you will
do just fine!DG books are great. I do love this web site for my future
REI goals of becoming the big dogg,As for you!You have read the books-
You are taking advantage of the mentoring program(And i mean to take
"of")-GO FIND THAT AGENT. There are so many things i want to say!
Then again! There is a time and a place for everything?

P.S.I think you english is very good!


I just want to say hello and

I just want to say hello and say how helpfull this website is.It is full of a lot of information and I learn something new everyday.I have completed both books and looking for a RE agent and a mortgage broker in the upstate New York area.Thank you again.


New At This!

I just enrolled into Deans program. I just filed personal bankrupt, chapter 7 prior to seeing this offer. Will I still be able to use this program to get started in becoming a success in real estate? If so, what shold I be doing now to get started while waiting for the book to arrive?



great advantage here!!!

hey this is mat its kool to see onother new comer at this site. i have seen many even since iv joined. my suggestion is to use this site to your advantage. Its all about reading, there is plenty of info on here, not only for investing, but to fix your credit as well, and so much and so much more with the help of great and magnificent people to help you along the way....


Mathew R. Wright

Welcome Maps29195

Congratulations on reading Dean's book and joining the success academy. The DG website is the best place out there for information and great resource of nice people. I have been on the site for only a month and really appreciate the advice and nice investors on the DG site. I am sure you will find this an amazing resource and a great point of motivation. Good luck with your future deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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Getting Started

Well Hi guys. I just started out and placed a few ads. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Next the agent I guess. The DG website is the best place out there for information and support. Thanks again and again.

Las Vegas, NV


R. Nellums

Just getting started

Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello to everyone. I am new to this but excited and ready to go. This is my first full week and I feel like I'm not moving fast enough... so many life changing opportunities and I am focused and determined to stay on track and claim a new life for myself and family.


Dannette Sanders

new to this....

I'm also new to this just received the books yesterday and I just couldn't put it down last night. If any one can give me any suggestions on taking my 1st step
I would appreciate it. First of all I couldn't afford the success team was asking. I'm a disabled veteran and I couldn't afford it @ this time...Please help